When the Hotel Ruins your Vacation Plans

So when a hotel offers 24/7 babysitting service, one could reasonably assume that at least one day during our week long stay that we could in fact get a babysitter. Maybe my first clue should have been when we called Hotel Olympie to verify that they would have a sitter for us and they gave us a number to try to arrange it ourselves. Despite the advertisement of English speaking babysitters, the lady on the phone did not speak English. Fail number 1. But since the year before Hotel Olympie had done a wonderful job of finding us a babysitter over the Christmas break, I figured that once we were there in person, we could get this all sorted out. Boy was I wrong.

The plan for the trip was to do a couple of days of snowboarding and a couple of days of things with the baby. This way my husband and I could spend some quality time alone and as a family. So when we arrived at the hotel we inquired in person about the babysitting. The staff at the hotel pointed to this sign with the same number that I had called before. Apparently their 24/7 babysitting did not in fact exist at all during our weeklong stay. The sign was a lie. There was no one to watch our daughter. And this being a ski and snowboarding town meant that our options for things to do with an infant were limited.

Making the most of a ruined holiday

Maybe it sounds dramatic, but when you are looking forward to a family vacation for months in advance, travel very far to get there, and put good money down for it to happen when something this royal gets screwed up it can leave even the best of us bitter.

It was a beautiful scene of a mountain covered in snow. Ideal for Christmas, right? Perfect conditions to snowboard. In fact, from our window overlooking one of Spindleruv Mlyn’s ski trails we were in fact able to watch people do just that. Without a babysitter though, we had to find other things to do during our family holiday.

Outside of our hotel was a small road that I was able to take the baby sledding on. This was one of the few things to do directly in the vicinity of the hotel with a baby. Fun for about half an hour at a time and of course, only during the daylight hours.

A majority of our time was spent in the children’s corner of the hotel. Thank goodness they had this area set up with kids toys for the little one to play with. Without a car and with the hotel not being located in the downtown area of the city, traveling in Spindleruv Mlyn is not the most convenient during the winter. It is possible to walk down the mountain and into town from the hotel. But, there are no sidewalks to do this so you are left to take your chance on the icy, snow covered roadways in traffic.

We did take one afternoon as a family to go to the water park. Here they had a salt cave as well as water slides to enjoy. If you’re looking for things to do with the family in Spindleruv Mlyn that doesn’t involve skiing or snowboarding, then this is something that I can recommend.

Lesson that I learned

Maybe it was a bit of the sunken cost fallacy, or the fact that the year before we had such a good trip that lead me to believe that the hotel would come through for us. But unfortunately our snowboarding trip turned into a family vacation spent mostly at our hotel since there are very few things to do with a baby in Spindleruv Mlyn. While it was not the ideal way to spend our Christmas vacation, it did solidify one thing in my mind. Next year, we will be going somewhere entirely different for our annual family winter vacation.