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5 things to do if you want to traveling around the world (Part 1)

To be able to safely quit traveling around the world, you need to be well-prepared and set realistic goals.

The Insider has listed five things that anyone who wants to quit to travel around the world need to do based on the practical experience of a couple who has just quit to travel around New Zealand.

Decide when to pick up your backpack and go

It’s easy if you have enough money to travel whenever you like but this is basically not feasible for most of us (they are only suitable for really rich people).

Therefore, it is important that you plan your whole year (or 6 months or at least 3 months depending on your work and lifestyle) to be able to afford the long trip.

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In addition, it is also necessary to take into account any unusual events that may occur during the planning process. It is more practical if you plan in detail and have a comfortable time for a vacation that lasts more than several months.

Prepare enough money for travel plans and places you want to go

Another important thing if you want to travel around the world is to set realistic savings goals that are commensurate with the spending at the places you want to visit and even it would be wise to only save goals if necessary.

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You also want to save part of your savings to cover potential problems, such as planning to travel while working to make money but not being able to get a job there or when You are forced to stay there longer than originally planned for various reasons.

Sheet Insider hints you need to save 2-4 years before book tickets to travel and during that time, you also need careful scrutiny to the place you want to adjust expenditures for the most reasonable.

5 things to do if you want to traveling around the world (Part 2)

Continue to invest in yourself and your present life – don’t take care of the trip.

People who seek to save the most by limiting their purchases often will not succeed. Instead of cutting off all basic expenses to make you happy, set a limit for this. This is extremely important if your savings goal lasts for years. Remember to still take care of yourself at the present moment when you are planning for the future.

5 viec can lam neu muon bo viec di du lich khap the gian hinh 1

For example, you can buy a camera to take pictures of yourself before you have enough money to travel or try to save that money to travel without a camera attached.

Follow the implementation process

When you are in the process of saving money to travel, you need to specify all the goals set to avoid constantly changing goals unnecessarily. It is also a great way to make yourself more responsible.

If you set a goal of saving $ 100 per month for 2 years and can’t achieve it for 3 consecutive months, you need to look at the notebook to find out why. This also helps you decide whether the savings goal you set is realistic so that you can change it accordingly. Many people even keep track of this savings goal for years and make it easy for them to travel anytime they want.

5 viec can lam neu muon bo viec di du lich khap the gian hinh 3

If possible, don’t quit your job completely

Many people quit their jobs a few months before they went on holiday and during that time, they still needed money to pay for their living. Therefore, they plan to work part-time to come close to their trip and clearly present this plan to their employer.

It is unrealistic to want to keep a job at all costs even if you want to travel for 1-2 years but at least, have a plan for the future after returning from travel to be ready for a life.