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Which tourism trends will take the throne after Covid-19? (Part 1)

How do we travel after Covid-19 passes? And here are the most popular travel trends when the world reopens.

Domestic tourism 

This will be one of the most popular travel trends after the Covid-19 epidemic. And there are 2 reasons to explain this. Firstly, domestic tourism helps tourists reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus. Meanwhile, international travel with flights and contact with visitors from many nationalities is something people will want to stay away from. Tourists also need to know and follow the different regulations of the countries on the prevention of epidemics when traveling internationally. The second reason is that the closure of the border makes people focus on the movement to support their country, people will tend to help their economy develop more. And supporting domestic tourism is a way of contributing to the economy.

nhung xu huong du lich nao se len ngoi sau covid-19? hinh 2

Many travelers tend to look for less crowded places and previously less visited destinations will benefit from the growth of domestic tourism. The increased support for local businesses will do wonders for the local economic recovery, plus visitors reconnecting to the world starting from culture, history and nature. of their locality. So if you want to travel after Covid-19, the best place to start is in your own country.

Traveling alone

Covid-19 required social spacing and has led to changes from group tours among young Chinese tourists after the country reopened its border. In particular, Chinese tourists traditionally prefer to travel in large groups. But after the pandemic, group trips will no longer be an option, but solo travel will be the more popular travel trend after Covid-19.

Ten Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling with family, friends

Recently, families and groups of friends have separated to travel together rather than in large groups, to help prevent the spread of corona virus. Besides, we will also see another type of travel bubble in the form of group tourism. Friends or family members will feel safer when traveling together, preferring to share accommodation and space on transport together to minimize contact with others and practice relaxation.