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8 Tips for Traveling With Baby

Traveling with baby is like traveling with a rock band: it’s all about tote and carries. So you have to prepare well. If you are prepared ahead of time, you and your child will be best suited for a successful travel experience.

  1. If you travel by plane, book a seat that has a bassinet connection, and another separate seat for your older child, if needed. During the pre-boarding phase, pre-board the bassinet, then de-board until it’s closer to take-off time. This way, the bassinet is ready to go, you and your child can use the extra 30 minutes walking around instead of seating on the crowded plane.
  2. Bring some non-perishable snacks and fluids with you. Keep baby hydrated because airplanes are dry. You should also bring a sippy cup or bottle in order to suck on to help relieve air pressure for your baby, especially during take-off and landing.
  3. Bring lots of extra clothing and diapers. Dress your baby in layers that can be taken off easily if your child gets hot, or layered back on if he gets cold. Whether you travel by plane or by car, messes can happen, so always have extra outfits and diapers easily accessible.
  4. Bring favorite sleeping items of your child, maybe his favorite toy, favorite blanket, or favorite pillow, anything that makes him comfortable and cozy. If traveling by car, you can use sun shades to block light out from the windows. All of these things can help your baby calm down and go to sleep.
  5. Bring wrapped toys, treats, or activities. I usually wrap up toys for my children, so that it takes time for them to open and keeps them occupied. This can be an exciting activity for a toddler, who will focus on whatever is hidden in a surprise package. Give him these toys when he starts getting tired or cranky so that you will have something exciting to distract him and pique his interest.
  6. Tell your baby stories about the countries or states you will visit. Pack a portable DVD or load apps or games on your smartphone. Thus, a family trip can also become a teachable moment.
  7. Don’t take trips that are longer than 6 hours. It’s unhealthy for Children to sit in a particular spot for long periods of time. If you travel by car, try to plan stops along the way that are safe, and allow you to walk around a bit.
  8. Always sit beside your baby. You are home to him, parents are everything. So if you travel by car, have one parent drive while the other one sits in the backseat with your child.