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3 Travel Safety Tips for Traveling Solo

Tips for Traveling Solo

Lone travel for women has become increasingly popular and is something to not be afraid of. Traveling solo as a woman can be a great experience if some basic safety precautions are taken. So, what are some safety precautions you can take when you are out and about each day in a foreign country?

Does Your Clothing Conform to Local Customs?

Bikinis and shorts might be tolerated at beaches abroad, but these styles of dress are often frowned upon in some countries, particularly deeply conservative countries. Take your cue on what is appropriate from the locals. How do the local women dress? It is always a good idea to research the dress and local standards before you arrive so that you do not draw undue attention to yourself while you are out and about. For example: Thailand is currently in a one year mourning period and the rules for how tourists may act and dress is affected by these events.

Do a quick internet search of appropriate attire before you travel

How to Deal with Inappropriate Propositions

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for many women traveling alone to be sexually propositioned while they are abroad. Women traveling alone are seen as an easy target without the protection of a friend or family member. So if this happens to you, how can you deal with inappropriate propositions? My first rule of advice would be to try to ignore rude, inappropriate remarks. Walk on by confidently.

But what if ignoring the person doesn’t work? If you feel threatened, don’t hesitate to draw attention to yourself by shouting and making a fuss.

Plan Your Route Back to the Hotel

Planning and knowing your surroundings are great ways to prepare for the unexpected. One way to have a plan that helps keep you safe is by planning your route back to the hotel (or wherever you are staying) in case you run into problems or difficulties.

Take full advantage of cards handed out by hotels that list their address and contact details by carrying one with you at all times when you travel alone. If you plan to return late at night, ask the hotel to recommend a reputable taxi firm and then book your return trip. Do not walk back to the hotel, hitchhike or accept a lift from a stranger.

Lone women travelers are still a rare sight in much of the world, which is why they often excite so much attention. Stay safe when traveling solo by wearing clothing that is modest and conforms to local standards, ignoring propositions when at all possible, and planning your route back to the hotel.

Helpful Travel Safety Websites

Health Issues: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention http://www.cdc.gov

Road Safety: Association for Safe International Road Travel http://www.asirt.org

Travel Warnings: U.S. State Department http://travel.state.gov