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Top 6 Best Countries To Travel Alone In 2019

The dream to travel around the world always lingers in the mind of many people. Here are the best-traveling destinations based on some criteria such as culture, ease of transportation, safety, and suitable for traveling alone in 2019:

  1. Bali Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries to visit. Staying in a comfortable room, being served three meals a day with a few beers for only $25 per day! Accommodation, service, food and drink are cheap everywhere, especially when you go further to the North.

  1. Scotland

Scotland is a popular destination famous for whiskey, wildlife, landscape,  and welcoming locals. Traveling here gives you the chance to engage with nature, watch the tumbling rivers, epic scenes, and wild camping.

  1. Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic traveling destinations in the world. It has many beautiful spots with hilltop towns, olive trees, and extensive beaches. Italy is also famous for the wine-cooked barbecues and abundant wine.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a must-visit country in Asia with friendly locals, vibrant landscapes, affordable services, and cheap food (must try the Bun Cha). Cab services here are about $10 compared to cab services in the states which can get up to $30 for a couple of blocks away.

  1. France

People don’t talk about France without mentioning the Eiffel tower. It helps you get the most incredible view of France at night. Book your trip earlier in order to avoid the long lines to the tower.

The Notre Dame and its surrounding will intrigue Catholics or historians with its ancient mummified cats, while Les Invalides military shows all world war weapons types.

  1. South Africa

One of the main cities to visit in South Africa is Johannesburg, which is known as the City of Gold. It is also the heart of entertainment, shopping, and City adventure. The Kruger Park, 250 miles from the city, is one of the most significant game reserves in Africa.


Family Weekend Getaway to Edinburgh

Scotland is one of my favorite countries in the entire world. I love everything about it. The rich culture and history, the beauty of the Highlands, the fantastic food. And it will also always hold an extra special place in my heart since that is where Lee proposed to me many moons ago. So when Lee and I realized that we hadn’t been back to Edinburgh in 4 years, we knew it was time to hop on a plane and take the baby for a family weekend getaway.

Flying from Amsterdam to Edinburgh

Normally when we fly we choose to go with either KLM or EasyJet. Factors that I look at are price, flight time including any possible layovers, and time of day with the flight. Usually I try to fly when the baby will be going to sleep or taking a nap. Once the plane is in the air, baby L tends to doze right off.

This time we chose to fly with Easyjet on one of their last flights of the night. Unfortunately for us, the plane was 40 minutes late departing due to a sick passenger. Nothing that could be helped, I’m sure. But it meant that we were getting in much later than expected. Luckily since we expected to be arriving late we had already hired a taxi. Having the taxi waiting to pick us up was worth it for such a late night arrival and something I highly recommend for other parents.

A tip when flying Easyjet in Amsterdam
– There will be stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. To get down to check-in, to board the plane, everywhere you can imagine there seem to be stairs. For this reason you may want some help if you’re taking a stroller on your family weekend away. We opted to forgo the stroller for the Ergo 360 baby carrier but that choice is strictly personal.

Family Weekend in Edinburgh: Highlights

We opted to Airbnb it in the Grassmarket area. Best decision ever. While lively, it wasn’t loud enough to wake us or the baby up at night from the noise. Great view overlooking Edinburgh Castle and easy to walk, take public transport, or taxi to anywhere that we wanted to go. Lee and I mostly stuck around the Old Town and decided to take a peek at places that we had been to when we got engaged.

I’m a sucker for a good scone. This trip we made it a point to go back to the Southern Cross Cafe in the heart of Old Town Edinburgh. Fantastic scones, cute decor, and very family friendly.

Since it is Christmas time, we figured it would be perfect to visit the Christmas markets and other holiday festivities during our family weekend. At the European Christmas market in Edinburgh they had adjacent to it a Santa Village area for the little ones. We got to take the baby on the Santa Train, her first roller coaster, a carousel, the Big Wheel, and then at night time we walked over to the Street of Light for the free show.

Events are going on until January 7th. Check out their website to learn more http://www.edinburghschristmas.com/

Hiking Holyrood Park with a Baby

Besides taking in the Christmas festivities, we also wanted to hike up Holyrood Park and see if we could recreate our engagement photo. Luckily for us the weather was perfect for hiking. A lot of the time you’ll get windy conditions that can make hiking, especially when carrying a baby, unsafe. We were very fortunate that this was not the case. So we strapped the baby on my back, made sure we were bundled up, had plenty of water and snacks, and off we went. Beautiful park that I can’t recommend enough if you’re visiting Edinburgh.