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3 Benefits of Traveling With Your Team


If you’re an athlete or a coach, you may have got familiar with long trips to weekend games, or perhaps the flight to regional tournaments. Playing sports is a really big commitment, and athletes or coaches often miss out on the other types of traveling opportunities due to their dedication to the game.

However, athletic directors and coaches can combine the passion for sports, traveling, and community service into one trip so that athletes can bond over assisting the local communities with the team’s important projects, learning cross-cultural sportsmanship with the locals, as well as exploring the incredible sites around them.

Whether it is a high school football team or a middle school swimming team, here are five great benefits of taking your group of athletes on an immersive and purposeful traveling program:

  1. Team-Building

Traveling together makes a great impact on a young athletes group. The bonds created by mixing cement for a water tank in a village, participating in a course in the jungle, or holding a sports clinic for younger athletes can benefit all teams members. The opportunity to spend time with athletes without the pressures of practicing and competition can help coaches more understand about their athletes on the individual level, and create the chances for teammates to share a unique and life-changing experience.

  1. Cross-cultural Connections
    Athletes don’t need to speak the same language to communicate their love for the sports. Playing with and against the other teams from other cultures and nations can highlight the particular meaning of a sport to a community, and discover how it relates to playing back home. Coaches and athletes can even make friends with new people or pick up some new language skills along the way.
  2. New Competition

Playing sports in another region or country means the chances of new competition and new skills. Whether it’s a game of volleyball in Cambodia, baseball in the Dominican Republic, or football in Costa Rica, there’s always a unique opportunity to share experience and skills from athletes around the world.