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Top Sporting Events You Must Attend At Least Once (part 3)

Important Game 7 within the NBA Playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs

There’s no iconic venue in basketball or hockey like what exists in football and baseball. Thankfully those sports can still bring something to the table that’s a must-see event. A game 7 within the NBA Playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs means win or head home. You’ll tell the instant you step into stage that the atmosphere thereon night is different than the opposite playoff games during that round. Ticket prices increase for game 7s for a reason. They’re events everyone within the local markets wants to attend. Just be prepared to carry your breath for 2 and a half hours or more if the sport goes to overtime.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Step outside the American bubble for a second and you’ll realize the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco is one among the five most spectacular events outside of the US. It’s all about location when it involves this race. Monaco has many its high rollers in town with their yachts and bottles of champagnes. It’s an occasion to ascertain and be seen. The race itself is super unique because the cars whiz through the town streets at 200 miles per hour. The grandstands are right the track and you’ll feel the facility of the cars as they drive by. Now you recognize why it’s a thing.

Champions League Final

Think of the Super Bowl for soccer fans. That’s what the Champions League Final is. It features the 2 best teams of European club football (arguably the simplest teams within the world) and moves from city to city per annum. Meaning you’ll see the simplest players within the world available like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Robert Lewandowski. There are parties within the host city leading up to the sport. Unlike the Super Bowl, however, more fans of the competing teams actually make the trip for this one. These same fans riot within the streets after the sport when their team wins. It’ll be easy to urge swept up within the excitement.