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Which tourism trends will take the throne after Covid-19? (Part 2)

Road trip

Road trip is the trend of tourism after the Covid-19 epidemic will develop strongly. Trips by car, motorbike or other road vehicle to explore the country with complete autonomy and flexibility will be an increasing option after the restrictions are lifted. 

The simple reason is that travel by private vehicle or charter vehicle is more attractive than air travel – a vehicle that carries many risks when we interact with tourists from around the world. Increased airfare may also be the reason for the increase in road travel. Air tickets are likely to increase by about 54% for travelers in Asia Pacific. Therefore, travelers will consider road trips to be a cheaper and safer alternative to air travel.

Travel combine work 

Workations – Traveling with work will be a new tourist trend after Covid-19. Workations are a combination of two words: Working and Vacation. Until now, those who did not work in the essential services industry spent a quarter of 2020 working from home. And when offices cannot be reopened, the workspace will be changed by working in combination with tourism. This method will be suitable for people who work in an open environment, work online or have flexible working hours. You can both work and enjoy your vacation while ensuring social spacing, reducing contact with people after the Covid-19 epidemic.

Health care tourism

Why Healthcare Tourism in Turkey is Booming - Property Turkey

Covid-19 has emphasized the importance of health and people will consider travel plans associated with health care and morale. Examples of health tourism include yoga in Indonesia or body rejuvenation and rejuvenation programs in Thailand. In recent years, the demand for health tourism has been increasing in India, the Middle East, China, Thailand and the rest of Asia Pacific. And Covid-19 will certainly be a positive testament to the development of this field.