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Where to Stay, Eat, and Hang out in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics Games (part 2)


What to do: Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan building, where you’ll see the view from the 45th floor of the South Tower – for free. A Gothic design, the govt building was done by famed Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, who also designed the Yoyogi National Gymnasium for the 1964 Olympics.

Olympic happenings: In Shinjuku, you’ll find the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, which will host Ping-Pong for the 2020 Olympics hosted gymnastics, athletic game, and indoor swimming races. Shinjuku is additionally walking distance to the Olympic Stadium and Japan Olympic Museum.

What to eat: You should try Golden Gai in Shinjuku, which was closed off to travelers for an extended time in order to guard the integrity of the space. It’s essentially six streets lined with small buildings that are became tiny bars on the bottom floor. The initial concept, which you’ll still see administered by many Golden Gai bars, was that every institution had a topic that guests needed to be ready to discuss – be it “Kill Bill” movies, Italian operas, or UK football teams – with whoever was pouring drinks.

Shibuya City

What to do: Really, the foremost important draw of Shibuya is that it’s easy to urge to a number of the most famous Tokyo neighborhoods. Harajuku, for instance, falls under the Shibuya City umbrella, where Tokyo first-timers can walk the famous Takeshi Dori. Or if you would like to dive right in to the simplest of Tokyo culture, you’ll mount the metro for 15 minutes – take the Inokashira line – to Shimokitazawa, arguably Tokyo’s hippest neighborhood. Then visit Shimokita Garage Department, a market-style collection of outlets as well as some secondhand, where beanies and sweaters reign.

Olympic happenings: Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya will host 2020 Olympic Handball.

What to eat: Try first Afuri, which serves classic ramen: no frills, no reservations. And Yamawarau may be a shabu-shabu restaurant with excellent-quality ingredients with a group lunch and dinner menu option. They even have a branch in Ginza and therefore the original restaurant is in Omotesandō.

Where to Stay, Eat, and Hang out in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics Games (part 1)

This year marks the beginning of a new decade, but maybe more important, a new Olympic season. Here are the neighborhoods in Tokyo, the capital of the host country Japan, as well as the surrounding prefectures that you will want to stay, eat, and hang out in during the 32nd Olympics Games, which kicks off on July 24.


What to do: Walk along Icho Namiki Avenue in Gaienmae to see the ginkgo trees. Their leaves completely turn yellow in late November; however, the tree-lined street offers a good Instagram moment at any time of year. You should also visit Aoyama Cemetery, which might sound bleak, but is actually a stunning park, reminiscent of touring Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA or Père Lachaise in Paris. Another favorote place in Gaienmae is Omotesandō, a beautifully designed, upscale shopping district for the avid international shopper.

Olympic happenings: Gaienmae might be the prime neighborhood to stay in for the 2020 Olympics as it is home to the Olympic stadium, which will surely host the opening and closing ceremonies of the event and serve as the general Tokyo epicenter. Across the street from the stadium is the Japan Olympic Museum, which just opened in September last year and chronicles not only Japan’s Olympic history but also hosted the Winter Olympics in Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998, and certainly, a Summer Games in Tokyo in 1964. It also highlights Olympic contributions from all over the world. In addition, the museum has a VR experience wherein visitors can surf, swim, or stick their landing like Olympians.

What to eat: You can try La Coccola, a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant on the second floor of a Gaien Nishi Dori (Street) building. Also worth popping into is Obanzai Hachiya, which closes for the night if they have run out of food on their meticulously curated 10-item menu.