Travel for sports event

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel For Sport Events

If you have never traveled to attend a sport event, here are top reasons why you should add them to your next vacation.

Better than on TV

Attending sport events live is always better than watching on television due to the energy and excitement of the cheering crowd. In addition, there is always more happening in sports venues than what you can see on TV. Commercial breaks and half time entertainment also offer more of the local festiveness.

Getting into the local community

Attending sport events is among the fastest ways to enjoy what the local community is like. Every sport has its own fan culture and getting a taste of it on television is nothing like experiencing it firsthand. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to taste the local flavors of the host city as well as the stadiums and arenas which feature specialties of themselves.

Meet your favorite players

Before or after the game, fans might have the chance to meet their favorite players. Even if you do not want to wait in the tunnel in order to get a jersey from Mean Joe Greene, you might see the players on the court or field before the game gets started. Or they are happy to celebrate their victory with fans after.

Find out from the stadium for any of the players to sign autographs.

Away games

Okay, maybe you want to use any excuse to travel. If yes, get to see a new arena or a new stadium, try new local foods, or meet up with your community of fans.


Tailgating is another fun reason to travel for sporting events and also another way to connect with the community of fans. If you have a truck, the tailgate is actually remote operated.

Meanwhile, other features such as vehicle wi-fi and entertainment systems can help you be able to watch the game while tailgating even if you can’t get tickets to the big game.

Where to Stay, Eat, and Hang out in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics Games (part 1)

This year marks the beginning of a new decade, but maybe more important, a new Olympic season. Here are the neighborhoods in Tokyo, the capital of the host country Japan, as well as the surrounding prefectures that you will want to stay, eat, and hang out in during the 32nd Olympics Games, which kicks off on July 24.


What to do: Walk along Icho Namiki Avenue in Gaienmae to see the ginkgo trees. Their leaves completely turn yellow in late November; however, the tree-lined street offers a good Instagram moment at any time of year. You should also visit Aoyama Cemetery, which might sound bleak, but is actually a stunning park, reminiscent of touring Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA or Père Lachaise in Paris. Another favorote place in Gaienmae is Omotesandō, a beautifully designed, upscale shopping district for the avid international shopper.

Olympic happenings: Gaienmae might be the prime neighborhood to stay in for the 2020 Olympics as it is home to the Olympic stadium, which will surely host the opening and closing ceremonies of the event and serve as the general Tokyo epicenter. Across the street from the stadium is the Japan Olympic Museum, which just opened in September last year and chronicles not only Japan’s Olympic history but also hosted the Winter Olympics in Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998, and certainly, a Summer Games in Tokyo in 1964. It also highlights Olympic contributions from all over the world. In addition, the museum has a VR experience wherein visitors can surf, swim, or stick their landing like Olympians.

What to eat: You can try La Coccola, a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant on the second floor of a Gaien Nishi Dori (Street) building. Also worth popping into is Obanzai Hachiya, which closes for the night if they have run out of food on their meticulously curated 10-item menu.

Top Sporting Events You Must Attend At Least Once (part 4)

World Series Game

Baseball games generally have an occasional key atmosphere. You enjoy talking with your family or friends, you hope for a fly to return your way, and perhaps you even keep score or drink a few of beers along the way. A World Series game may be a different experience due to how tense everything becomes. Managers attempt to outsmart one another. Every pitch of each at bat matters. And to be there as a lover experiencing it all is unlike any experience a baseball fan can have. Sure it’s great if your team is playing, but you’ll still greatly appreciate it as a neutral bystander. You’re also slated to enjoy one among baseball’s best ballparks given which teams are successful in recent years.

Marquee match in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is usually a fun place for a weekend, but the electricity within the city turns up a couple of notches on the dial when there’s an enormous match happening. The town just has the additional buzz. You are feeling the tingle as you come off the plane at the airport. You finish up playing craps next to Mark Wahlberg, eat dinner next to Tom Brady, and bet at the sportsbook next to Chris Rock. That definitely makes the weekend more fun. You almost certainly need to leave earlier to urge places, serve lines, and even be denied at your favorite restaurants and nightclubs, but it’s totally worthwhile. Then there’s the particular fight, likely happening at the MGM Grand. The pomp and circumstance of the ring entrances are always an honest time and perhaps you’ll actually get your money’s worth on the boxing itself.

Daytona 500

It’s odd for a sport’s season to start with its biggest event, but that’s exactly what you get within the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with the Daytona 500. Opening the season with a bang is a component of what creates the fans’ energy for the race as they’ve been waiting all winter for the beginning of the season. President’s Day Weekend in February is synonymous for 2 things in sports with the Daytona 500 taking up the daytime on Sunday because the NBA All-Star Game dominates the night. The gang is your typical NASCAR crowd with slightly more newcomers available to witness NASCAR’s Super Bowl. It helps that you simply can create a beach or golf weekend round the event at Daytona International Speedway as there are many options quarter-hour or more away.

Top Sporting Events You Must Attend At Least Once (part 3)

Important Game 7 within the NBA Playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs

There’s no iconic venue in basketball or hockey like what exists in football and baseball. Thankfully those sports can still bring something to the table that’s a must-see event. A game 7 within the NBA Playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs means win or head home. You’ll tell the instant you step into stage that the atmosphere thereon night is different than the opposite playoff games during that round. Ticket prices increase for game 7s for a reason. They’re events everyone within the local markets wants to attend. Just be prepared to carry your breath for 2 and a half hours or more if the sport goes to overtime.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Step outside the American bubble for a second and you’ll realize the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco is one among the five most spectacular events outside of the US. It’s all about location when it involves this race. Monaco has many its high rollers in town with their yachts and bottles of champagnes. It’s an occasion to ascertain and be seen. The race itself is super unique because the cars whiz through the town streets at 200 miles per hour. The grandstands are right the track and you’ll feel the facility of the cars as they drive by. Now you recognize why it’s a thing.

Champions League Final

Think of the Super Bowl for soccer fans. That’s what the Champions League Final is. It features the 2 best teams of European club football (arguably the simplest teams within the world) and moves from city to city per annum. Meaning you’ll see the simplest players within the world available like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Robert Lewandowski. There are parties within the host city leading up to the sport. Unlike the Super Bowl, however, more fans of the competing teams actually make the trip for this one. These same fans riot within the streets after the sport when their team wins. It’ll be easy to urge swept up within the excitement.

Top Sporting Events You Must Attend At Least Once (part 2)

Tour de France

Professional Cycling isn’t what it once because of performance-enhancing drugs and sports fans drifting to other interests, but the Tour de France still holds a special place in the world of sports. Over the course of three weeks in July, the world’s greatest cyclists take each other on in an event that’s as much a team sport as it is an individual one. As the route touches all parts of France and sometimes starts in other countries, the Tour de France offers a more wide-ranging opportunity for fans to witness the action than any other sporting event. Seeing the stages in the mountain adds much more excitement as fans enjoy night party before waking up to scream for hours when their favorite riders endure the most treacherous climbs in the world.

Chicago Cubs Baseball Day Game at Wrigley Field

Most people know about the history of Wrigley Field and it starts when you see the red marquee before entering. You can stand on Waveland Ave before the game to collect balls hit over the fence during batting practice. Once you’re done with that, grab some drinks in at one of the many bars around Wrigleyville. (Or you can do that after the game too.) Once you get inside, it’s the ballpark that time forgot since you won’t see much advertising during a game and can focus on the baseball. The ivy and the scoreboard in center field just make everything seem right. And of course, there’s the always entertaining “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” which is usually done by a celebrity now that Harry Caray has passed. No baseball fan’s life is complete without seeing one game here and if it’s a rivalry game against the hated Cardinals then that’s even better.

Green Bay Packers Football Game at Lambeau Field

There’s no football stadium in the country like Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. It’s a stadium with a capacity of 81,435 in a city of only 104,000. Every local fan’s Sunday revolves around football. The city is literally devoid of life when Packers games are taking place. Watching a rivalry game against the Chicago Bears would add a little extra to the trip.

Top Sporting Events You Must Attend At Least Once (part 1)

No matter how close the TV brings you to the action on the field, there’re some things the cameras and mics can’t quite capture, such as the palpable excitement of rabid fans celebrating a score, or the deafening roar of engines. Sometimes you must be there in person. But which sporting events are worth planning a trip? Here are the top events that sports fans must attend at some point in their life.

El Clásico – Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Football Match at Camp Nou

Football is the world’s most popular sport. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is football’s great club team rivalry. Others rivalries like the Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United or A.C. Milan vs. Juventus are pretty great, but none of them have the intensity of Spain’s rivalry as well as take place in such a large stadium. The fans are at their loudest in Camp Nou when Barcelona hosts Real Madrid. To make things better, Spain’s two best teams also currently have the two best football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Australia vs. New Zealand Rugby Match

The two best countries in one of the world’s most popular sports just happen to be separated by 1500 kilometers. Winners of four of the first seven Rugby World Cups, Australia and New Zealand have definitely made their mark on the sport’s landscape. Australia usually beats New Zealand is most sports, but rugby is the one in which New Zealand somewhat dominates Australia. That never goes over well with the Aussies, who tend to feel a superiority complex towards the Kiwis. The two countries usually face each other three times a year and each match is a battle. The weird thing is the most glorious point in every match happens before it actually starts when New Zealand performs their “haka,” the ancestral dance war cry of the Maori people of New Zealand.

Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Baseball Game at Fenway Park

Baseball has many great rivalries, but none as great as any game featuring the Boston Red Sox taking on the New York Yankees. There are over 100 years of history including the Babe Ruth trade, Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone, and the bloody sock game. It’s another scenario in which both fan bases can’t stand each other. Every regular season game between these two squads feels like it has the bragging rights of a playoff game. The atmosphere kicks up a notch when they face off at Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the country. Now that the original Yankee Stadium has been replaced with a new one, Fenway offers the historical setting that elevates this rivalry to an elite level.


4. Arrive early

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to arrive at least two hours early. You don’t want to miss the pre-event ceremonies because you’re stuck in traffic, trying to find a place to park, or standing in line waiting to get inside. Remember this is a bucket list event. Make the most of it by getting there early so you can experience the tailgating scene and soak up the energy from the crowds as anticipation of the big sports event builds.

6. Make purchases outside the venue

Food and souvenir are notably expensive inside sporting venues. The fact is that you can save more money as well as eat better food outside the venue. I’ve found tailgaters to be among the friendliest people in the world. Compliment them on the smell of whatever they are cooking and you’ll likely get an invitation to join them for a bite.

The best deals for souvenirs can be found from venders outside the venue, after the event. They don’t like having to pack up and carry inventory home and they are much more willing to bargain. By holding off on purchasing souvenirs until after the event, you’ll have the added benefit of not having to keep up with them during the event.

7. Plan your potty breaks

Waiting for halftime to go to the restroom is a bad idea. You may miss a game-changing play as the event resumes since you are having to ask the person in the next stall for some toilet paper. Worse yet, you will run the risk of having an accident in your pants. The best time to go to the restroom is during a commercial time-out, before half-time, or other official break in the action. Your other option would be to wear adult diapers to the event and not worry about it.

8. Bring a charging device for your smartphone

With the right apps, your smartphone is the best tool for making the most of your trip. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for sharing photos of your adventure with your friends. You can also find nearby places to eat and read reviews via Yelp and TripAdvisor. TripIt is great for keeping your itinerary organized. Google Maps will help keep you from getting lost. While apps can enhance your trip and help preserve your memories, they do tend to drain your phone’s battery so bringing a portable, battery powered charging device is essential.


There are few things in life that are as exciting as attending a major sporting event. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the World Series, a NASCAR race, the Kentucky Derby, the World Cup, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Final Four, or the Olympic Games, attending a big sporting event is an unforgettable experience.

Traveling to these major events can present challenges every bit as demanding as those that are faced by the athletes on the field of competition. Success will require careful planning as well as execution, and sheer will power. Whether your favorite team, driver, golfer, or horse wins or loses the competition, you’ll emerge victorious in your adventure by adhering to these tips for traveling to a major sporting event.

1. Make travel arrangements as far in advance as possible

The availability of flights, hotels, and even rental cars can disappear in a hurry. Booking as soon as you know that you’re going to the event is the only way to assure that you can get there and that you’ll have a place to stay.

2. Consider ancillary cost when booking your hotel

Though hotels in outlying areas are usually less expensive than hotels in town, you need to consider how you are going to get to and from the airport and the big event. Rental car? Taxi? Public transportation? How much will it cost to park at the event? Do your research. You may find that you can actually save time and money by staying at a pricier hotel that is within walking distance of the venue, or easily accessible by public transportation.

3. Purchase tickets from a legitimate source

Beware of scams involving counterfeit tickets. It’s best to purchase tickets from a team-sanctioned ticket reseller or through a site like that guarantees the ticket. Although the ticket could still be fake, at least you can get your money back.

Some states allow licensed ticket brokers to sell tickets within a certain distance from the venue. You’ll definitely pay more than face value but the risk of buying a counterfeit ticket is diminished as brokers are careful about vetting the tickets they purchase to sell.

Cricket Traveling Tours 2019/2020

It can’t be denied that sport is a huge industry that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. Cricket is not an exception. There are thousands who watch important matches and support their favorite teams.

However, cricket is not just games, tournaments, and competitions. It is also an opportunity to travel to new places and enjoy cricket at the same time. Here you will find an overview of the main cricket events in 2019/2020 that will give you a perfect opportunity to see the games live and enjoy new countries and cultures experience.

Besides an analysis of the Cricket traveling tours, people like to find other cricket updates on Stumped.App and never miss any important news. Without further ado, let’s analyze the main games and their venues.

If you are a dedicated cricket fan, it is time for you to set up your schedule for the 2019-2020 cricket season. There will be lots of interesting events to attend and worthy places to visit, but, undoubtedly, 2020 ICC T20 World Cup in Australia will be the main cricket Championship of the 2019-2020 playing season. Sure, there is no way to attend all the matches, but semi-finals and final games are must-see. They will take place at Sydney Cricket Ground and Melbourne Cricket Ground respectively. Besides, the 2019-22 ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Tournament is underway, providing even more potential countries to visit during your cricket traveling tour. This guide will help you choose which places and matches to visit.

The overview of the 2019-2020 cricket international season covers 31 Test Matches, 69 One Day Internationals, and 138 Twenty20 Internationals, excluding the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup in Australia. Few of these events have already taken place, but most of them are still to take place.

The nearest international cricket competition will take place in Singapore during the 2019-2020 Singapore Tri-Nation Series. Singapore, Nepal and Zimbabwe national teams will participate in the event. The tournament starts on September 27, 2019, and ends on October 3, 2019, so you still have time to visit Singapore and witness the competition. All the matches will be played as Twenty20 Internationals. This event is worth attending for two reasons: the matches are expected to be interesting, and Singapore city is definitely a must-see for any tourist. Therefore, you can combine your sports interests with a great traveling experience.

The Rugby World Cup 2019: What to see, eat and do in the host cities of Japan (part 2)

5. Fukuoka in the southern main island of Kyushu is the furthest venue from Tokyo. Fukuoka is also one of the most beautiful, surrounded by mountains and forests and a rich local culture including wonderful food and some of the country’s best hot-spring resorts.

6. Japan is safe and uber-clean but best buy travel insurance in order to cover medical treatment in the case that you take ill. Every major street in Japan has a pharmacy selling over-the-counter drugs for simple ailments. If you have any more serious complaints, you will need to visit a hospital. Check out the English-speaking clinics before you leave.

7. You won’t be able to scale the national icon of Japan – Fuji – as climbing season ends in the summer. But you should catch a glimpse of it while you’re whizzing past on the bullet train to Kyushu or Kobe. Ask for a seat on the Fuji side of the train and make sure to have your camera ready.

8. Another ubiquitous pleasure, ramen restaurants in Japan are cheap, fast, and a bit oily. Soba (buckwheat) noodles are the healthier option. Don’t forget to try kaiten sushi.

9. Everyone should try Japan’s wonderful onsen hot springs. For centuries men and women in Japan communally bathed; the expression Hadaka no tsukiai (naked friendship) means that they had nothing to hide. Now most onsen carry signs in English explaining bathing etiquette to foreign visitors in case they unwittingly offend.

10. Pachinko is a popular game in Japn, mixxing of pinball, slot machine, and midweek bingo. The gaudy exteriors of Pachinko wreck architectural vandalism on high streets across the country. Players are sealed off hermetically from outside by a thick wall of noise, smoke, and gambler’s tension.

11. Queer culture is thriving in Japan. Tokyo hosts Shinjuku’s sprawling 2-Chome – one of the most diverse concentration of gay clubs and bars in Asia. Gay bars and saunas can be found in every big city and the Internet makes it all easy to navigate.