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Where to Stay, Eat, and Hang out in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics Games (part 2)


What to do: Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan building, where you’ll see the view from the 45th floor of the South Tower – for free. A Gothic design, the govt building was done by famed Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, who also designed the Yoyogi National Gymnasium for the 1964 Olympics.

Olympic happenings: In Shinjuku, you’ll find the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, which will host Ping-Pong for the 2020 Olympics hosted gymnastics, athletic game, and indoor swimming races. Shinjuku is additionally walking distance to the Olympic Stadium and Japan Olympic Museum.

What to eat: You should try Golden Gai in Shinjuku, which was closed off to travelers for an extended time in order to guard the integrity of the space. It’s essentially six streets lined with small buildings that are became tiny bars on the bottom floor. The initial concept, which you’ll still see administered by many Golden Gai bars, was that every institution had a topic that guests needed to be ready to discuss – be it “Kill Bill” movies, Italian operas, or UK football teams – with whoever was pouring drinks.

Shibuya City

What to do: Really, the foremost important draw of Shibuya is that it’s easy to urge to a number of the most famous Tokyo neighborhoods. Harajuku, for instance, falls under the Shibuya City umbrella, where Tokyo first-timers can walk the famous Takeshi Dori. Or if you would like to dive right in to the simplest of Tokyo culture, you’ll mount the metro for 15 minutes – take the Inokashira line – to Shimokitazawa, arguably Tokyo’s hippest neighborhood. Then visit Shimokita Garage Department, a market-style collection of outlets as well as some secondhand, where beanies and sweaters reign.

Olympic happenings: Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya will host 2020 Olympic Handball.

What to eat: Try first Afuri, which serves classic ramen: no frills, no reservations. And Yamawarau may be a shabu-shabu restaurant with excellent-quality ingredients with a group lunch and dinner menu option. They even have a branch in Ginza and therefore the original restaurant is in Omotesandō.

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum tour

Cricket is a widely celebrated game across the globe. In India, the game has gained a lot of popularity which even continues to grow with each passing year. Every cricket tournament, cricket news, and even crickets receive great attention. While the current cricket scenario itself is enchanting, Cricket has also had a great history to share. There are moments to celebrate and some sad times to commemorate, but in all, Cricket has given us many reasons to enjoy the sports spirit. At Blades of Glory Cricket Museum, you are re-introduced to some of the most celebrated moments, bats, balls and various signed memorabilia that once belonged to the celebrated Cricket from different teams across the globe:

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum: An Introduction

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum, Pune is one of its kind museum that has an exclusive collection of cricket memorabilia. From signed bats to balls, jersey’s worn by famous cricketers and photographs clicked, it is a one-spot place to find great joys in revisiting the history of Cricket.

Not only the past, but the museum also has items from the current players. The place walks you through the development of the Cricket Bat, yes the very sports gear that helps cricketers score hoards of runs and make their country proud. However, Blades of Glory Cricket Museum breaks the boundaries and bring you the great memorabilia from the famous cricketers of different countries.

A room dedicated to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar:

One of the key features of Blades of Glory Cricket Museum is the special room dedicated to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The room displays a collection of cricketing accessories,  owned and used by Sachin himself and also a collection of 100 miniature bats, each bearing details of his 100 centuries in International Cricket. The cricketing accessories that assisted him in making his long international career unmatched.

Visiting details:

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum is open seven days a week from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. You can visit the museum by paying a small price of Rs. 100 for the entry ticket. You can buy the tickets when you reach the gallery and enjoy the beautiful display of Cricket accessories and several other memorabilia from the greatest of the cricketers.

The museum has brought a fabulous chance for cricket enthusiasts to know more about their favorite cricketers, see the belongings that they owned and rejoice the great experiences that Cricketer and the game itself have created so far.

The Rugby World Cup 2019: What to see, eat and do in the host cities of Japan (part 1)

The top 20 rugby squads in the world will duke it out over 6 weeks in Japan, from the opening match in Tokyo on Sept 20th to the final in Yokohama on Nov 2nd. There are some notes when you are in Japan’s host cities for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

1. Japan has a relaxed attitude to drinking with thousands of gastro-pubs called izakaya. Rugby World Cup organisers fret that some might dry up before half time amid reports of Olympian feats of drinking by Irish, English, and Australian fans. Therefore, pub owners have been warned to stock up.

2. Be well prepared for natural disasters. Earthquakes are an unlucky feature of life in Japan. Few countries in the world are better equipped to deal with them; however, last year, foreign tourists found themselves struggling and isolated after a quake in Hokkaido, main northern island of Japan.

So, spend a bit of time before you leave to familiarize yourself with the place where you are going to and what to do if the worst thing happens. Make sure to always carry some cash and a fully charged mobile phone with you so the folks back home can reach you.

3. Bring plenty of yen. In spite of its high-tech prowess, Japan remains a cash-based society. Although hotels and larger service businesses accept Visa and MasterCard, many smaller bars and restaurants won’t. You can find foreign-friendly ATMs in 7-Eleven convenience stores, post offices, some department stores, airports, and train stations.

4. Leave your stash at home as Japan takes a very dim attitude to drugs. Possession of marijuana is punishable with up to 5 years in prison. Cocaine can be even more frowned upon while tiny pot busts can still ruin celebrity careers.

5. From being one of the more obscure tourism destinations, Japan has become the world’s fastest growing tourist market. More than 31 million people visited last year, triple the 2013 figure; the government believes 40 million might come in 2020. Although some venues moan that they are being overrun by badly behaved gaijin, one result of the tourist growing is that English use is now widespread.

The Best Sporting Events Worth Traveling to in 2020 (Part 1)

Mixing sports and travel is an amazing way to explore the world. If you want to see the best sports tournaments that the earth has to offer in the next year 2020, there are a few of the events that are suitable for you. They offer not only terrific sporting spectacles but also an incentive to visit interesting new places.

Superbowl 2020, Miami Gardens, Florida

We haven’t known exactly which teams will compete in Superbowl LIV but we clearly know that it will take place on February 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Florida, the United States, and this will be the sixth time this football game is held in this stadium, but the first time in the last decade.

You can start planning your Superbowl 2020 trip right now before the competing teams are decided because the tickets for the tournament can now be bought online. Football fans might have known that Kansa City Chiefs and New England Patriots are among the favorites to win this tournament, according to the latest Super Bowl odds.

While you visit Florida, you can enjoy natural attractions like Greynolds Park, Miramar Pineland Park, and Oleta River State Park.

Winter X Games, Calgary

The Winter X Games will take place in Calgary from 2020 through to 2022. This extremely big sports event is expected to bring about 75,000 spectators to Calgary, the city of Canada, each of those years. They will also host shows and special events when the games are going on.

Calgary was also hosting to the Winter Olympics in 1998 and has held a lot of sporting events since then. If you want to look for something to do away from the games, the local zoo and Calgary Tower, which has a revolving restaurant at the top, are some of the big attractions.

The Best Traveling Destinations For Sports Fans (part 2)

  1. Luzhniki Stadium – Moscow

With a long history, Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is the national stadium and also the largest stadium in Russia. It has been renovated and is a landmark on its own. In terms of dining, Olymp Junior with its close proximity to the stadium is a great choice, offering delicious Russian and Azerbaijani cuisine.

Where to stay: The Swissotel Krasnye Holmy has panoramic city views, an award-winning bar, and a stylish indoor pool. While enjoying the spectacular city, you can relax with a cool cocktail at the City Space Bar & Restaurant on the 33rd floor.

  1. Carrara Stadium – Gold Coast, Australia

Carrara Stadium – also known as Metricon Stadium, the home of the Gold Coast SUNS  – is one of Australia’s greenest and most contemporary stadiums. Inside Carrara Stadium, you can find various take-away food options such as pizza, chips, fish, and sushi. However, you need to give a try to the hot beef pie – the beloved snack in Australia.

Where to stay: The RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast which is not so far from Carrara Stadium is set on a 27-hole championship golf course. You can also enjoy drinks or light meals by the pool or have a full meal in one of the five restaurants of the resort.

  1. Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain

It is undeniably easy to life in Barcelona, Spain with lively beach culture and glorious climate that dare you to live your life in the sun. For adventure, the Gothic Quarter is a great option, but for a soccer game at the largest stadium in Europe, go straight to Camp Nou which is best-known as the home to the football team of Barcelona. A sandwich with botifarra sausage, a popular alternative to the classic hot dog, is one of the most beloved snacks in this city. Where to stay: The Flateli Roger 6 is a stylish apartment which is only a short walk from Camp Nou stadium. With two separate bedrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen, it’s ideal for a group of friends or family to stay in.

The Best Traveling Destinations For Sports Fans (part 1)


With many sporting events that are taking place across the world, 2019 is a big year for sports. A survey showed that sports can sway the traveling decisions, with 1 in 5 travelers planning their trips around hot sporting events.

However, what’s a game without game-day food? So, we’re listing some of the best foods to enjoy near each iconic sports destinations.

  1. Fenway Park – Boston

There are just a few things to define Bostonians as much as their love of the Boston Red Sox – their home baseball team. If you’re in Boston during the baseball season, you really should catch a game at Fenway Park, cheering for the team with the locals. On your way, grab a pepper sandwich and a famous sausage from one street vendor outside the stadium.

Where to stay: The Hotel Commonwealth, located just a short walk from Fenway Park, offers modern rooms, some of which can overlook the stadium. You can enjoy the fresh seafood dishes at the restaurant Island Creek Oyster Bar.

  1. Wembley Stadium – London

Renowned for its majestic art, fashion, and theater scene, London is a great destination to watch sporting events, too. Wembley, the soccer stadium, is one of the most favorite stadiums of the city and the largest in the UK. You can get a quick bite at one of the kiosks on the first and fifth levels of the stadium, with a selection including burgers and pizza, fish and chips.

Where to stay: Overlooking the Wembley Stadium and setting next to the Wembley Arena, the Hilton London Wembley features a rooftop terrace and a bar inspired by the world’s famous athletes who have played at the stadium.

  1. The Field of Dreams Movie Site© – Dyersville, Iowa

Despite not being a technical stadium, the Field of Dreams Movie Site© in Dyersville, Iowa is an iconic landmark for people who fall in love with the 1989 classic. If you’re looking for something to eat, Dyersville has a lot of family-style restaurants which can offer you a quick bite or a cup of coffee.

Where to Stay: The Field of Dreams Movie Site© house is available for nightly rentals for the first time. With the perfect view of the baseball field, it is the best place to stay to watch the annual softball game on Labor Day Weekend.