Blades of Glory Cricket Museum tour

Cricket is a widely celebrated game across the globe. In India, the game has gained a lot of popularity which even continues to grow with each passing year. Every cricket tournament, cricket news, and even crickets receive great attention. While the current cricket scenario itself is enchanting, Cricket has also had a great history to share. There are moments to celebrate and some sad times to commemorate, but in all, Cricket has given us many reasons to enjoy the sports spirit. At Blades of Glory Cricket Museum, you are re-introduced to some of the most celebrated moments, bats, balls and various signed memorabilia that once belonged to the celebrated Cricket from different teams across the globe:

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum: An Introduction

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum, Pune is one of its kind museum that has an exclusive collection of cricket memorabilia. From signed bats to balls, jersey’s worn by famous cricketers and photographs clicked, it is a one-spot place to find great joys in revisiting the history of Cricket.

Not only the past, but the museum also has items from the current players. The place walks you through the development of the Cricket Bat, yes the very sports gear that helps cricketers score hoards of runs and make their country proud. However, Blades of Glory Cricket Museum breaks the boundaries and bring you the great memorabilia from the famous cricketers of different countries.

A room dedicated to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar:

One of the key features of Blades of Glory Cricket Museum is the special room dedicated to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The room displays a collection of cricketing accessories,  owned and used by Sachin himself and also a collection of 100 miniature bats, each bearing details of his 100 centuries in International Cricket. The cricketing accessories that assisted him in making his long international career unmatched.

Visiting details:

Blades of Glory Cricket Museum is open seven days a week from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. You can visit the museum by paying a small price of Rs. 100 for the entry ticket. You can buy the tickets when you reach the gallery and enjoy the beautiful display of Cricket accessories and several other memorabilia from the greatest of the cricketers.

The museum has brought a fabulous chance for cricket enthusiasts to know more about their favorite cricketers, see the belongings that they owned and rejoice the great experiences that Cricketer and the game itself have created so far.