A Better Alternative to Standard Postcards

One of the best things about traveling is being able to share those memories with the people that you care about. Most people just upload and share their photos without doing anything special to them. This can result in some pretty crap quality pictures. But what if I told you that I found a website that helps turn those boring snapshots into something personalized and really cool?

My Postcard

Recently I came across the website My Postcard . On this website you can design your own photo postcards to share online or by snail mail. With other 10,000 templates to choose from you can rest assured that your end result is going to be something unique. Say goodbye to boring photos and hello to your next viral picture.

Personally I’m a fan of doing things the old fashioned way. There is something personal and special about doing things by hand. Lee and I send our parents postcards from our travel destinations around the world. Now I’ve come across an even cooler way to do that with My Postcard. Here instead of buying some generic postcard from a corner store, I can upload a picture of myself with the baby and my husband and send this to our parents. They love being able to see us on our foreign travels rather than the standard touristy postcards that they would otherwise receive.

There’s an app for that

If you’re like me, then you probably leave your laptop in the hotel room. But I bet you always have your smart phone handy, right? My Postcard is available in the App Store and Google Play as a free app. It’s even already had an amazing one million downloads!

More than just postcards

Besides being able to personalize and send postcards, My Postcard does other types of cards as well. They have a whole array of occasional cards as well.

You can choose from:

  • Thank You Cards
  • Happy Easter Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Mother’s Day Cards
  • Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Birth Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Invitation Cards
  • Postcrossing
  • Wedding Cards
  • Happy New Year’s Cards
  • Christmas Cards

Easy to set up and use

Some websites are not very user friendly and can make trying to use them for the first time super complicated. I did not find this to be the case with My Postcard. They make it very intuitive and simple. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1. Select a Product. This can be a postcard, greeting card, or photo prints.

Step 2. Choose your style and customize. During this step you can add your pictures, frames, and personal notes.

Step 3. Order and pay. You can choose Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, or American Express as your payment methods. Then you just send your finished masterpiece anywhere you would like worldwide.

Final Thoughts

It’s not often that I get so excited about a new product or service but I just love My Postcard. They have allowed me to create extraordinary postcards to send to our friends and family of special moments in our lives. Has anyone else used them? I’d love to hear about your experience!