12 coldest and scariest ghost towns in the world (Part 2)

7. Terlingua, USA

When the Chisos mining company was founded in the mid-1800s, workers and their families quickly settled in the town of Terlingua, Texas. The population here was about 3,000 at its peak in 1903, but by 2010, there were only 58 residents in the town. They live off of serving tourists exploring abandoned buildings and churches at Terlingua.

8. Calico, USA

Like Terlingua, this town started with a mining company in 1881. When the silver mine was discovered, it was inhabited by 500 workers and about 3,000 residents. But when the silver mines ran out of bales and the metal price dropped, people were tired. In 1986, the town was completely abandoned and later recognized as a historical site.

9. Pripyat, Ukraine

The city in northern Ukraine may be the scariest ghost town in the world. It was once home to 50,000 residents, before everyone evacuated in April 1986 due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. The radiation level is high, making people unable to return to live in Pripyat until now.

10. Garnet, USA

Garnet was once a mining town in the United States before becoming a ghost town today. Guests can explore here for just 3 USD. People can even spend the night at a campsite to experience the cold feeling in town.

11. Virginia City, USA

Once a mining town with 10,000 inhabitants and in 1863, Virginia City today has become deserted and preserved as a national historical monument of the United States. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to explore the houses and shops still intact over 100 years.

12. Animas Forks, USA

At its peak, the town of Animas Forks had more than 30 houses, hotels, grocery stores, hair salons and post offices, but today there are no people left and only a few small houses remain.